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Friday, June 24, 2005

Call To Action: Tell Dodd & Biden NO BOLTON DEALS!

I just got this email from Progressive Democrats of America. Please sign this letter to Senators Dodd and Biden!

No Bolton "Deals" - Act Now!

Tell Dodd and Biden "no deals" on Bolton!

Take no compromise! No on Bolton all the way!

Rumors are swirling among the activist groups fighting the Bolton nomination. The word is the White House is trying to get Democrats to accept some kind of 'compromise' that would ensure Bolton's nomination.

PDA believes that Senate Democrats should just say no, that Bolton is damaged goods, and since the White House won't even provide access to the NSA transcripts, the Syria memos, or the Freedman contract, then we must just say "no deal."

Fortunately, Biden said late yesterday that all deals were off; see this link:

PDA thinks Biden should be bolstered in his "no deal" position, especially since he has been known to change his mind in the past and his leadership on this issue is crucial.

Tell Senator Biden and Dodd to take "no deal" on Bolton. Take Action NOW!


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