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Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday's DSM Media Targets


1. Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star, Managing Editor Steve Thomas

2. Indianapolis Star
EITHER Managing Editor Pam Fine
phone: 317-444-6168
fax: 317-444-6565
Washington Correspondent Maureen Groppe
phone: 202-906-8118
fax: 202-906-8220

3. Lansing State Journal, Managing Editor Managing Editor Stephanie Angel
phone: 517-377-1017

Neither the Lincoln nor the Lansing papers appear to have published anything yet on DSM. The Journal Star is pretty middle of the road in terms of its politics, and Steve Thomas seems to be a no-nonsense kind of editor with little patience for spit-ball politics. The absence of coverage of DSM is somewhat surprising, given that Thomas seems to look for substance in political reporting. The Lansing and Indianapolis papers are fairly conservative; both belong to the Ganett chain.

The Indianapolis Star has published 3 news stories that mention DSM, but all were brief and unspecific. One article devotes only three sentences to the Bush/Blair denials; one focuses entirely on the briefing paper and the alleged lack of post-war planning; and one quotes a short bit of DSM while describing Conyers’ forum. Readers of the Star would have little idea about the significance of DSM from these stories, and would know nothing about any of the related documents except the July 21 briefing paper.

Editor Pam Fine, recently hired away from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (which has been in the forefront of coverage of DSM) finds herself caught in the middle of murky lawsuit at the Star, so tensions may be high there; be nice to her. DC Correspondent Maureen Groppe seems to do a lot of reporting about pharmaceutical companies, so perhaps not a strong bet to cover DSM.


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