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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tuesday's DSM Media Targets

I apologize for these not being posted on the blog earlier this morning, but the media targets had not been determined by the time I left for work. If you didn't contact them today, you can still do so tomorrow.


1. Chicago Sun Times
Contact EITHER
Managing Editor Don Hayner

Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet
phone: 202-662-8808
fax: 202-662-8833

2. Jacksonville Florida Times Union, Managing Editor Mike Richey
phone 904-359-4438

3. Birmingham News
Contact EITHER
Executive Editor Hunter George
phone: 205-325-2295
fax: 205-325-3278

Washington Correspondent Mary Orndorff
phone: 202-383-7837
fax: 202-296-9537

The Chicago Sun Times lags behind all the other large papers in its coverage of DSM (aside from the Wall Street Journal, which publishes its first article today). It has published only two abbreviated AP articles (on 17th and 19th), neither of them remotely the best of the AP stories on DSM. Managing Editor Don Hayner was a City Desk reporter and then Metro Editor until recently; his interests seem to be foremost in the city of Chicago. Lynn Sweet may be a good bet to interest in DSM, however. She has a high profile as an investigative journalist, and likes a challenging story. A professional journal recently described her thus: "She careens from story to story, describing her modus operandi as ‘journalistic triage.’ 'I'm always willing to stop on a dime and change what I'm doing.'" The other two papers appear not to have published anything at all on DSM to date, though it is far from clear why that should be.


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