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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Call To Action: Close Corporate Loophole Leaving Veterans Out In The Cold

I received this email from Care2 yesterday afternoon...

Hi Robbie,

As Californians, each of us pays taxes to fund services like healthcare and education. Companies that do business in our state pay taxes, too - or at least they're supposed to. But there's a loophole in our law that lets some corporations do business in California without being taxed - and Governor Schwarzenegger refuses to close it!

Large corporations should be made to pay taxes just like everybody else -- I urge you to sign our join our fight for fairness at

That's right. Because of one loophole, some companies can do business in California and avoid paying taxes anywhere!

And did you know that by closing this loophole, the state would save enough to offer a refundable health insurance tax credit to returning California National Guard troops and their families?

This tax credit would give those who have given so much something they deserve, something they've earned -- access to decent healthcare.

Our soldiers have left their families behind to defend our country. They have risked their lives to keep us safe and spread democracy. What contribution to our society could corporations that have benefited from a too generous loophole do to match that?

It is time that Governor Schwarzenegger get his priorities straight. It is time to make sure that our troops are protected against the financial risk of sickness and injury when they return home.

If you would like your fellow Californians returning home from war to be treated fairly, I urge you to sign our petition and tell Governor Schwarzenegger to do the right thing: close the corporate tax loophole and provide health insurance for our Guard members.

Thank you!

Michael Lawley,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite team


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