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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tuesday's DSM Articles

This is from The Big Brass Alliance...

Good evening, everyone.

Continuing on today’s blogswarm topic, Spoof News Editor JJ notes that the general who was cited in the recent Times article (,,2087-1669640,00.html) as having confirmed the secret air war, Gen. T. Michael Moseley, was nominated by Bush on May 16 as chief of staff of the Air Force. JJ wisely suggests that a confirmation hearing would make it difficult to dodge questions about the pre-war air strikes. Let’s start raising the issue now: Moseley, who served as the Combined Forces Air Component Commander for operations Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom needs to answer questions about his role in the “spikes of activity” that were allegedly designed to provoke Saddam.

See the following stories about Moseley’s nomination:

Other relevant information tracking “the unofficial war” can be found at Raw Story.

Raw Story: The Unofficial War

Raw Story’s tracking of the unofficial war graphic

Other good stuff: Downing Street Minutes to Hit House Floor

Axis of Logic: Why the American Press Remains Paralyzed

And finally:

PSoTD has kindly offered to track the Congressional roll call for investigating the Downing Street Memo. See the list and find out how to help here:

As always, make sure to email The Heretik at with links to your posts, and add your stories to the BBA page!


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