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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who Kicked My Shin?

Now that a week has passed since the first patrols in Campo, now we're hearing the first stories of confrontations between the Minutemen and protesters. An aide to State Senator Bill Murrow (R-CA) was allegedly kicked in the shin by a UC-Riverside professor who was among the protesters.

The following is an excerpt from an article in today's edition of The North County Times.

Allegations fly in California Minuteman Project

By: ERIN SCHULTZ - Staff Writer

An aide to state Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Carlsbad, has filed a police report saying he was kicked in the shin by a UC Riverside professor and protester more than a week ago while visiting the border in support of the California Minuteman Project.

The alleged confrontation is one of several reports of trouble in Campo, the tiny southeast San Diego County border town where a group of about 30 anti-illegal-immigration activists calling themselves the California Minuteman Project has set up camp to watch the U.S.-Mexico border and report illegal crossers to the Border Patrol.

A group of about a dozen protesters who want the Minutemen to pack it up and go home have also been camping in the town, with larger groups forming for weekend rallies.

Reports of scuffles between the Minutemen and the protesters, such as the one the Morrow aide has alleged, have been surfacing in recent days.

The aide, Mark Belgen, who works in Morrow's Carlsbad office, reported to San Diego County Sheriff's deputies late last week that he was kicked on July 16 by a protester whom he later identified as UC Riverside ethnic studies professor Armando Navarro, who heads an immigrant rights group called the National Alliance for Human Rights.

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