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Monday, July 25, 2005

Latest Podcast Available For Download

This is my latest podcast, and this week I'll be covering the following topics:
  • San Diego’s Latest Interim Mayor
  • Mainstream Media Stupidity – MSNBC Style
  • Discovery Channel’s Upcoming 9/11 Documentary
  • The 411 On John Roberts.
  • Call To Action: Stop The Nomination of Judge John Roberts
  • Mike Malloy’s Monday night show
  • The Karl Rove Scandal
  • Landstuhl Hits Infamous Milestone
  • Ann Coulter Accused of Plagiarism
  • Mr. Raider Retires To Fuel His Passion
  • FreeperFest at Radio News America
  • California’s redistricting plan
  • Raising the age limits for armed forces recruits
  • The GOP Candidate Who Wants To Impeach George Bush
  • Cheney Lobbying Against Anti-Torture Legislation
  • “Calling Out Steve & The Freepers” – my latest Op/Ed for Radio News America
  • This week’s Wingnut of the Week

This podcast also features Creative Commons-licensed music from Robert Spriggs, David Henderson, Megaphone, The Fall Guys, Bumrush, and The Bullets.

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