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Friday, July 22, 2005

Latest Radio News America Op/Ed

I normally don't submit Op/Eds on Friday nights, but tonight I got fed up with all the rumors and accusations being made against Andy Stephenson. The following is my open letter to Steve and the rest of the Freepers who inhabit the Radio News America blog.

It's time to nut up or shut up. Give us evidence Andy Stephenson is as deceitful as you say he is, or forever hold your lies.

Calling Out Steve & The Freepers
Original Op/Ed by Robbie Michaels
Radio News America
July 22nd, 2005

To Steve and The Freepers,

Day after day, wild accusations fly out of your mouths like a bad case of diarrhea after gorging on Mexican food at 3 in the morning. Why do you continue to make accusations against Andy Stephenson after his death? Why do you do it based on nothing more than innuendo and lies?

This afternoon, you crossed the line. Although it is public information, you posted a former address that Andy lived at. You also insinuated that a recent home mortgage refinance could’ve produced the money needed for his surgery, making the fundraising efforts unnecessary.

On behalf of the public, I’m asking, “Where’s the proof?”

The only thing you’ve accomplished during the past eleven days on the Radio News America blog is smear Andy’s name, without giving him or those close to him a chance to defend him. Steve, since you are not a resident of the United States, let me tell your stupid foreign ass how things are done here on the other side of the border.

In America, you are innocent until proven guilty.

In a thread on Conservative Underground, you made an accusation that Andy committed wire fraud. However, any attorney looking at that thread would laugh your sorry ass out of a courtroom because there is no proof! Everything in that 12-page thread is based on gossip. Not one single post in that waste of server space had a fact to support your claim.

“Oh, we debunked it on Scamdy…” Bullshit you did! Stop the rumors and show the public some hard evidence a crime took place!

Today on the Radio News America blog, you said you traveled to Seattle to look up information on all previous mortgages Andy and Ted held. The public would like to know if you have proof you traveled to Seattle? Do you have a ticket stub from the airplane you flew in? Do you have an empty peanut wrapper? Do you have receipts for meals and lodging? Do you have the free pair of wings the flight attendants at American Airlines give out to children?

If you don’t have those items, then you’re lying to the world again.

Steve, you also made a wild accusation that Ted had enough equity in his home to raise enough cash to pay for Andy’s surgery. Well, now you’re treading into my territory.

I’m a loan officer. For a living I originate purchase and refinance loans, so I know all about this subject. I can tell you for a fact that without looking at the actual loan application, credit reports, appraisal, and income documentation, there is no way I can say whether or not a borrower is qualified to access all or a portion of the remaining equity available in their home.

Steve, since you’re the one leveling the accusation, tell the public you have their mortgage application, a copy of their credit reports, an appraisal, and verification of their income.

If you have it, show it and give us your expert opinion how you can prove Ted had the ability to access the equity in his home to save Andy’s life. If you can’t, then you have no business insinuating Andy’s fundraising efforts were unnecessary or fraudulent.

Now that we’ve blown your recent accusations out of the water, I’m throwing down a challenge to you and all of you freepers who continue to smear Andy’s reputation. Since you’re the ones leveling the charges against him, and you say you have the evidence to prove it, then you have until Saturday, 12 PM EST, to make your case in public here on Radio News America.

That should give you enough time to go to Kinko’s to make photocopies of receipts, documents, and anything else you want to submit as evidence.

Oh, you don’t have a 24-hour copy place in your neighborhood? Fuck you. Hop on a bus to a place that has one. Hitchhike if you have to. Show us the evidence.

You don’t have anything other than a printout of a thread from’s message board as proof? Fuck you and your lame ass excuse. Show us the evidence.

You can’t access the necessary paperwork because it’s a weekend? Fuck you. That’s not our problem. Show us the evidence.

Steve, if you and your freeper buddies are the Truthseekers you say you are, you should be able to meet my challenge and discredit all of us who question you and your motives. If you can’t, then no one in cyberspace will ever take you seriously the next time you have another diarrhea attack of the mouth.


Robbie Michaels


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