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Friday, July 01, 2005

RobbDogg's Wingnut Of The Week 7/1/05

George Bush made a fool of himself on national television Tuesday night. Donald Rumsfeld whipped out his crystal ball and predicted the quagmire in Iraq could last a dozen years. Condoleeza Rice worked the mainstream media and the world to garner support for Dubya. Dick Cheney visited the cardiac unit in a Vail, Colorado hospital.

Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Cheney all did their parts to deflect attention away from The Downing Street Memo story during the past few days, but I couldn't nominate any of them for this week's award because we already know Bush is an imbecile, Rumsfeld is the harbinger of bad news, Rice is a suck-up, and Cheney has no heart. No worries, because I didn't have to look too far to find my Wingnut of the Week.

This week's winner is the leading actor in San Diego's latest soap opera, and it's sure to be a thriller while it plays itself out on the national stage. Just look at the subplots in the script:

  • The sale of a local congressman's Del Mar home to the president of a defense contractor for $700,000 over current market value, and without realtor representation
  • The congressman living the life of luxury aboard a yacht named after himself, rent-free, and owned by the same person who bought his Del Mar home
  • The congressman's purchase of a multi-million dollar home in exclusive Rancho Santa Fe from a realtor whose family are longtime campaign contributors
  • The investigation and subpoena of documents by the FBI
  • The freezing of multi-million dollar defense contracts awarded to the defense contractor, leading to the announcement that the company is for sale by the owner

Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the great political thespian who finally divulged his secret to get elected six times to Congress, is RobbDogg's Wingnut Of The Week!


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