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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday's DSM Media Targets


1. Lewiston Sun-Journal, Executive Editor Rex Rhoades
phone: 207-784-5411, ext. 2104/2286

2. Portland Press Herald, Managing Editor Eric Conrad
phone: 207-791-6317

3. (Augusta) Kennebec Journal and
(Waterville) The Morning Sentinel,
Executive Editor David B. Offer
phone: 207-621-5630

All the newspapers today are from Maine, whose Senator Olympia Snowe serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Its stalled hearings on the manipulation of WMD intel need to be re-opened if we are to get to the bottom of the DSM story. One idea in targeting papers in Maine is to bring popular pressure to bear on Senator Snowe. It would help if your emails draw attention to how the WMD discussions in the British documents call out for investigation by the Senate.

The newpapers in Augusta and Waterville are published by the same news group. Neither of them, nor the Portland paper, has published any articles on DSM. The Lewiston Sun-Journal did publish one article way back on May 7, the excellent Knight Ridder piece by Warren Strobel.

There is another excellent article from June18 by Strobel, which you might recommend to the Lewiston paper. Anyhow it would be advisable to urge all the newspapers to print some of the AP articles that analyze the documents, and the recent op-ed by Michael Smith from the LA Times. It is the best short summary of what is at issue, by the British reporter who originally published all the leaked documents.


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