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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blog: Stop Blaming The Troops - Investigate The Real Culprits Of Abuse

Wes Clark has spoken! This is his latest blog entry regarding who should be blamed in the prisoner abuse scandal...

Stop Blaming the Troops - Investigate the Real Culprits of Abuse

The time has come to investigate the Bush Administration's role in the prisoner abuse and humiliation that has motivated our enemies in the war on terror and endangers the well-being of our fighting forces.

Today, the reports of abuse and humiliation at detainment facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Cuba are distracting the world from focusing on winning the war on terror. Although the military chain of command seems to have properly investigated the role of its personnel and held accountable those in the wrong, the civilian leadership in this country has failed to do the same.

Call on Senate Armed Services Chairman John Warner to investigate the Bush Administration's role in prisoner abuse now!


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