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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Call To Action: Help End Worldwide Child Poverty

I received this email yesterday, and I'm also posting the petition link in the Call To Action section. Please take a moment to read this post and sign this petition. Thanks!

Hi Robbie,

Poverty kills one child every three seconds Sudanese refugee children live on half a cup of cornmeal per day, sometimes less. It seems incredible that 204,000 children die from hunger, AIDS, and other preventable causes every week. However, the future doesn't have to be this bleak for children - we can make a difference. Please take one minute to sign a petition to end child poverty around the globe.

In only a few days President Bush and other world leaders will address the issue of global poverty at the G8 summit. We need your help to keep up the positive pressure. Please urge President Bush to help poverty-stricken families worldwide by:
  • Increasing US aid for health, education, clean water, and other basic needs - at a cost of just ONE percent of the federal budget;
  • Canceling the poorest countries' debts and fighting corruption;
  • Reforming unfair trade rules to let poor people compete on fair terms and lift themselves out of poverty.

Sign this petition to make your voice heard!

More than 800,000 Americans have already sent in their comments because they believe that helping poor people help themselves reflects the deeply held American values of compassion, fair play, and self-help. Join them today and urge President Bush to lead the way to making poverty history!

Thank you,
Jenny M.
Care2 & ThePetitionSite Team

PS. We can do something about extreme poverty but time is running out - so after signing this petition please forward this message to your friends, family and colleagues.


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