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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Donald Trump Didn't Win the Election, Hillary Clinton Lost It

And all the liberal media pundits still don't get it.

Because they still live and think in same ingrown, myopic, and insulated world that Hillary Clinton and all the rest of the elitist Democrats live in. (And by the way, this article is being written by a writer who has even more contempt for the Republicans, if you can possibly wrap your head around that concept.)

The media analysts are still scratching their heads wondering what went wrong in the advanced polling predicting Hillary Clinton would win. When the answer had nothing to do with polling (which is obviously subjective to whatever standard of whoever is taking the poll), and everything to do with looking into the mirror and realizing that much of the problem resides with them and their disconnect with the American public and its problems. And when they try to figure out "what went wrong," who do they seek the answer from?- but from among the very group of individuals that have been helping to cover up the problems for decades. Themselves.

And like the media, Hillary Clinton can likewise see no responsibility in her election loss with her disconnect with the public, but rather blames it on the head of the FBI, who apparently didn't remain paid off long enough for her to win the election.

The arrogance displayed by Hillary Clinton and her completely supportive media insiders in their comfy round table discussions is painfully obvious to everyone but the media. Apparently the media believed they could do whatever they pleased (because they had the power and the connections) and cover for every infraction and crime committed by any member of the Democratic Party they chose to protect, who they have been bending over backwards to cover for decades, while all the while convinced the public would just take it (because the public had no power or political connections to challenge any of it).

Apparently the media believed that their liberal agenda allowed them the right to protect any and all infractions and illegal actions committed by the members of like-minded thinkers who they gave their imprint of respectability to- for an end justifies the means rational of supporting a liberal agenda. And guess who honed that particular insane "ends justifies the means" rational to its perfection? The Nazi Party.

The media will never "get it," because they are "it," and will continue to blame everyone but themselves- like those who voted for a third party candidate.

What the media doesn't get is that the people in this country who voted for a third party candidate, didn't like either Trump or Hillary Clinton and were sick and tired of voting for the same Republican or Democrat second rate jokes to head the country. And Hillary Clinton would have made one of the worst presidents, maybe only second to Al Gore, who also thought he was entitled to the job.

What the media doesn't get is that the American public finally woke up and told them to go stick it where the sun doesn't shine; that they weren't going to continue to play by the same set of rigged rules dictated to them by the media and the incompetent Democratic Party that was doing nothing to help the American public and everything to sustain a non-working status quo arrangement in which the liberals were able to continue to get filthy rich, while pretending they were out saving the world through their support of multi-national corporate monopolies, whitewashed as charitable globalism.

And while on the subject of whitewashing, let's just get one thing very straight about the distortion that has been laid at the door of the public concerning global warming. Yeah, global warming is occurring, but what's causing the vast lion's share of it is the production and use of high-tech products, which require a massive amount of electrical energy to create and use- the very products Al Gore is massively invested in, while he waxes poetically about saving the global warming world and gets his PR team to get him a Nobel Prize to prove it.

The liberal agenda ought to get an education in biology before the world dies and reforms again. But given the arrogance that pervades every level of that agenda, they probably think they know all the answers, and no one else could possibly enlighten them on anything.

If and when they choose to remove their heads their arses, they should try reading a pages from a few PhD-educated individuals who know a hell of lot more than they'll ever know- like the late Robert O. Becker, or Sam Milham, or Reba Goodman, or Debra Davis, or Martin Blank. And if and when that day ever comes they might begin to realize that the sun doesn't rise and set on being expert regurgitators of the U.S. Constitution, which wasn't written in stone, and in fact doesn't mean diddly-squat anymore- in the grand scheme of things.

That there are more important relevant things in life than waxing nostalgically about events that happened two hundred years ago- like surviving in a modern economy that is not at the same time continuing to decimate American jobs and Americans' health, and America's environment.

The amount of things the liberal left is completely out to lunch on could fill a few volumes. And heading up that ignorance are people it most respects, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

What is blatantly apparent to everyone except the media and all the protestors now railing about the "unjust" presidential outcome, is that they both love to dish it out, but neither of them can apparently take it. If things go their way, everything's Jake, but if things go the way they don't like, then suddenly they don't like the way the game is played and the outrage is unleashed.

They see nothing wrong with making the most disparaging remarks about anyone who doesn't believe as they believe (with the media remaining "professionally" silent on the sideline), but go ballistic when one tenth of the same disparaging remarks are leveled back at them (with the media suddenly going ballistic along with them.) And guess what? The public has had a front row seat to all this hypocrisy for decades. And they finally said, screw you, when they voted.

And of course those that are now outraged are outraged over the real important issues facing the society.

Like that apparently getting cancer in your teens and twenties, getting strokes and heart attacks in your twenties and thirties- are all normal, right? Watching the autism rate soar 900% since the 1970s (before computers and now the near complete exposure of the public to completely abnormal manmade electromagnetic fields from manmade EMR emitting devices like cell phones and computers, which disrupt all biology, from the molecular level on up), watching the steady increase of immune system disorders and neurological disorders in the old and young alike- are all normal right? All of which are a direct result of a neo-liberal agenda (and a conservative agenda, and ones supported by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders) and their enthusiastic support of all things high-tech, with no safety regulations to constrain corporate profits to serve the needs of the global economy- nah, that's not worth getting upset over.

But someone making a disparaging remark about you, or heaven forbid, possibly criticizing your self-indulgent behavior or actions, whatever they may be- now that's cause for a downright revolution!

Forty some years ago the public took to the streets to protest the polices of a president that was causing the murder of thousands overseas. Now the public takes to the street to protest a newly elected president because he has hurt their feelings. My, my, my, American's have sure come a long way baby.

If all the upset individuals in this country really wanted to do something about things, they'd organize into a real third party and start looking at the real problems facing this country and the world, honestly. But to do that, they'd probably have to look at things honestly for the first time in their lives, and not through the distorted lens of a liberal agenda.

Because amazing as it might seem to the over-educated and the politically correct ill-informed, the world, and life, is not about one thing; it's about the balance of all things. Something the liberal party doesn't get, and will likely never get. And because it doesn't get it, and apparently never will be getting it any time soon, it will never solve any of the real problems facing this country, but will continue to just bitch and moan about the problems as they continue to paint them as just one kind of social injustice or another- the only thing they think life revolves around- while continuing to delude themselves that in the process they are doing something constructive, when nothing constructive ever gets done.

And if any of you geniuses out there want to get a fresh idea of how you start to solve some of those problems, you can check out the companion piece to this article, "Why you shouldn't vote in the upcoming presidential election." That is, if you can handle the truth.

Oh, and just for the record, I think both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are total incompetents, for different reasons, and I didn't vote for either of them. And I don't blindly ascribe to the viewpoints of Democrats or Republicans. I happen to look at each issue rationally and without prejudice. Something the liberal agenda also doesn't get. Though it loves to point the finger at everyone else not getting it, which I believe it about where I came in. By Gary Friedman.

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