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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Article: 50 False Stories Planted

Whoa! This was posted on the website earlier this morning. It's quite lengthy, but I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read this. Damn, there's some juicy stuff in this article...


Submitted by davidswanson on Sun, 2005-07-03 01:03.

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed
By Gar Smith / The-Edge
Part One

A Strategy of Lies: How the White House Fed the Public a Steady Diet of Falsehoods

Colonel Sam Gardiner (USAF, Ret.) has identified 50 false news stories created and leaked by a secretive White House propaganda apparatus. Bush administration officials are probably having second thoughts about their decision to play hardball with former US Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Joe Wilson is a contender. When you play hardball with Joe, you better be prepared to deal with some serious rebound.

After Wilson wrote a critically timed New York Times essay exposing as false George W. Bush's claim that Iraq had purchased uranium from Niger, high officials in the White House contacted several Washington reporters and leaked the news that Wilson's wife was a CIA agent.
Wilson isn't waiting for George W. Bush to hand over the perp. Inmid-October, the former ambassador began passing copies of an embarrassinginternal report to reporters across the US. The-Edge has received copies ofthis document.

The 56-page investigation was assembled by USAF Colonel (Ret.) Sam Gardiner."Truth from These Podia: Summary of a Study of Strategic Influence,Perception Management, Strategic Information Warfare and StrategicPsychological Operations in Gulf II" identifies more than 50 stories aboutthe Iraq war that were faked by government propaganda artists in a covertcampaign to "market" the military invasion of Iraq.


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