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Friday, July 01, 2005

Movie Night To Fight The Right

I received this email from regarding their Movie Night program the weekend of July 8-10...

Dear MoveOn member,

Today we're not asking you to send an email or call your legislator—we're asking you to host a party. Over the next few weeks there will be big fights over Iraq and probably the Supreme Court. To win battles like these and elect progressives in 2006, we'll need strong neighborhood networks.

That's why we created Operation Democracy—a national network of neighborhood teams working to defeat Bush's agenda and elect a progressive majority. MoveOn members on these teams work together on local efforts like a petition drive on Social Security, or calls to Congress about choosing judges.

The best way to join an Operation Democracy team is to have a party: come together with other MoveOn members near you, watch and discuss a political movie, join a local team, and when the issues heat up you'll have people to work with. The weekend of July 8-10, we're organizing "Progressive Movie Night" house parties across the country. They're easy, fun, and a great way to get started. Click here to host a party:

We hear from members all the time that they want to get together, but they need someone to get the ball rolling in their community. You can solve that problem by offering your home for a few hours. We've always heard great things from folks who have.

Here's how hosting works: you just need to set up a party online, and invite your friends. It only takes a minute, then we'll invite other MoveOn members to join (if you open your party to the public).

We'll recommend some progressive videos for you and your guests to watch and discuss—documentaries like "The Corporation", "OutFoxed," and "Roger & Me," as well as feature films with progressive themes, like "Wag the Dog" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Or, if you know a film that others should see, you can show that one.

These parties won't only be about watching movies, they'll also be about laying the groundwork for upcoming actions. At these parties we'll give you what you need to form a local team, so it's easy for you and your new friends to continue working together. We'll also give you materials for a simple action your group can do after the party around a likely Supreme Court vacancy. We need to be ready to act quickly to have an impact on who President Bush appoints.

Beating the Bush agenda and electing a progressive majority will take the help of everyone who agrees that the Republican leadership is out of touch with America. Help us fight the right by hosting "Progressive Movie Night".

Don't wait for someone else to take the lead. We know there are MoveOn members in your community who are looking to meet other like-minded folks and make a difference together.

There are always lots of members who are willing to help as long as someone gets things started.

Click here to host:

If you really can't host a party but want to attend one near you, click here:

Here's what other MoveOn members have said about previous movie nights:

People at the party were enthusiastic and motivated to work for change as a result of seeing the movie. Many of them said they wanted a copy for themselves to show others.—Noah, Brooklyn, NY

The best moment was hearing people cheer, laugh, hiss and growl during the movie.—Jim, MN

An exciting exchange of ideas and revelations on how to view news and television in general. What an opportunity being around open people and discussing a topic that actually means something.—David, Aberdeen, SD

It was totally fun. Nobody knew anybody and people kept arriving and we all pitched in and were unified in our mission and political outlook. We will stay in touch as a kind of political pod.—Wendy, Woodstown, NJ

Thank you very much—and stock up on popcorn!
–Adam, Rosalyn, Tanya, James and the MoveOn PAC Team
June 30th, 2005

P.S. For more information on Operation Democracy and our plans for the 2006 election, go to

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