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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Article: Man Claims Company Fired Him For Opposing Homosexuality

Since it was a slow news day, I did a little surfing for interesting articles and I dug up this one from the Agape Press. Yep, I'm posting a Christian news article for your enjoyment.

The lesson us Progressives can learn from the Christian Right? Be careful what you write on the Internet, or else your employer will take action if they don't agree with you...

Illinois Man Claims Company Fired Him for Opposing Homosexuality
By Allie MartinJuly 1, 2005

(AgapePress) - A former employee of Allstate has sued the insurance company, claiming he was fired because he wrote an article that was critical of homosexual "marriage."

Back in December, J. Matt Barber was working as a manager in Allstate's Corporate Security Division at the company's headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois. At the same time, he wrote a regular column for several conservative Internet sites.

Barber was critical of homosexuality and same-sex marriage in his column, which he wrote at home on his own time and on his personal computer. "The insurance industry is a tight fraternity," he explains, "and I had planned to make my full career in the insurance industry."

However, now that he has "dared to speak out against so-called, same-sex marriage," Barber alleges, "Allstate has targeted me for professional, financial, and emotional destruction." And the reason, he insists, is "because I dared, on my own time, to defend traditional marriage -- because I dared to speak out against so-called same-sex 'marriage.'"


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