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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Friday's DSM Senate Targets

These targets were posted late Friday morning on, and I was unable to post them on my blog this evening. I had some personal business to take care of, and after hearing about the passing of political activist Andy Stephenson I wasn't online until a few hours ago. I'm sure you noticed I was still a little upset when I elected this week's Wingnuts Of The Week in my last post.

Anyway, the following were Friday's Senate targets for your correspondence. Do they look familiar? Yes. Should you contact them again? Definitely. And I encourage you to call them again on Monday.

Remember, we can't stop until we see results!


In the morning, please contact the following Senators (even if you have already in the past contacted them):

Senator Jay Rockefeller (West Virginia)
phone: 202-224-6472
fax: 202-224-7665
(Chief of staff Kerry Ates; Press Secretary Wendy Morigi)

Senator Harry Reid (Nevada)
phone: 202-224-3542
fax: (202) 224-7327
(Chief of staff Susan McCue)

Senator Barbara Mikulski (Maryland)
phone: 202-224-4654
fax: 202-224-8858
(Chief of staff Julia Frifield, Press Secretary Amy Hagovsky)

In the afternoon, please contact the following Senator:

Senator Evan Bayh (Indiana)
phone: 202-224-5623
fax: 202-228-1377
(Chief of staff Tom Sugar)

And as always, if you wish, contact the man who reneged on his promise to the American people for an investigation into how intelligence was used:

Senator Pat Roberts R-KA, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee
phone: (202) 224-4774
fax: 202-224-3514
(Jackie Cottrell, Chief of Staff)


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