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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Latest Commentary For Radio News America

Minutemen: Citizens On Patrol?
Original commentary by Robbie Michaels
Radio News America - July 12, 2005

"The immigrants are coming! The immigrants are coming!"

That could very well be the rally cry heard throughout the rolling hills of Campo, California. Earlier today, it was announced that the Oceanside-based United States Border Patrol Auxiliary will be patrolling the Mexican border in that region. James Chase, an advanceman for the Minuteman Project, arrived in Campo earlier today. His group of vigilantes expects to operate out of the local VFW Post during the next month, starting their patrols this Saturday.

According to an article, Chase stated that many of the approximately 100 members who will patrol the area will be armed, but will only use their weapons for self-defense. Minutemen are allowed to bring long rifles, but were instructed to keep them inside their vehicles.

In addition, Chase stated that they are going to try and offer water to the illegal aliens and contact the Border Patrol. What raised my eyebrow was the fact that later in the same article, Chase stated his group would contact the Border Patrol if they spotted illegal immigrants, but would not make an effort to stop them.

I'm confused. Is this supposed to be a humanitarian mission or a vigilante patrol gone amok?

If this is a humanitarian mission, then I'm all for it. Temperatures in the region often exceed 100 degrees this time of year, so there's also the added risk of getting heat stroke. But considering Chase and a few Minutemen were photographed and identified at the June 26th Save Our State protest in Baldwin Park, which had absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigration, it makes me wonder how this volunteer patrol will do their job.

After all, why do they need guns, especially long-range rifles? Do they plan on doing some hunting while they're out there? With temperatures hovering near 100 degrees this week, the only living things they're going to find are rattlesnakes, protestors, illegal immigrants, and coyotes.

Coyotes? Yes, they'll get to hunt coyotes but not the cute, Wile E. Coyote kind. These coyotes are the individuals who bring illegal immigrants across the border into the United States. Most likely, these coyotes will be armed and not afraid to use their weapons if approached or obstructed in any way. James Chase also stated hypothetically that there could be a need for his members to protect themselves if someone from the other side of the border shot at them.

Just the kind of altercation the Border Patrol needs to worry about in addition to their duties.

If getting shot at is a possibility, then why go there and provoke trouble in the first place? Doesn't James Chase and his organization realize that if a non-Mexican illegal immigrant is crossing the border, they are going to be the first people they will run to? The federal government doesn't have the resources to detain non-Mexican illegal immigrants, so instead of keeping our borders safe, the vigilantes will instead help provide amnesty when they report them to the Border Patrol.

Doesn't that sound counterproductive to their cause?

The United States Border Patrol Auxiliary should stay home and let the professionals handle the job. The Border Patrol should be the ones risking their lives to stop illegal immigration, regardless of whether they have the resources or not.

Besides, didn't James Chase learn a few weeks ago that the Baldwin Park city limits are a lot safer to patrol?

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