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Monday, July 11, 2005

RobbDogg's Therapy And Understanding Class - Now Enrolling!

Brand new for the Fall 2005 Semester, RobbDogg's Rips will be offering its own "Therapy and Understanding" online class for recovering wingnuts and the liberal/progressive curious. Your local community college isn't offering this course, nor is The Learning Annex, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about liberals and progressives.

Starting today (summer vacation's over!), I will post important links to various liberal/progressive web sites in the left-hand column under the "Therapy and Understanding Coursework" heading. Your suceess in this non-transferable college-level course depends on your commitment to learn and understand the various topics discussed.

New blog entries in the "Therapy and Understanding Course Materials" section will be posted on the blog with T&U before the title, and will be posted intermittently so it is up to you to stay focused and pay attention!

There are no enrollment fees, and attendance isn't mandatory. Required classroom materials you must furnish are an open mind, tolerance, and compassion.

You may read my blog posts and commentaries for extra credit. They are for your benefit.

There is no syllabus, there are no Cliff Notes, and there are no afterschool tutoring sessions available without an appointment. California doesn't pay overtime, so I'm out the door on time, all the time.

Arriving to class and leaving a 22oz. bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale on my desk is the only known way to get in my good graces.

I will not grade you on a curve, nor will I give letter grades to demean slow learners. You either pass or fail depending on whether you're willing to broaden your horizons, see things from a liberal/progressive point of view, and practice them upon course completion.

Enroll now, and good luck!
--Robbie Michaels


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