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Saturday, July 16, 2005

More Mainstream Media Stupidity

Conservative News Network thinks their viewers are stupid. Want proof?

Friday morning, I looked at the Quick Poll questions on both the United States and International versions of their website. They had the following poll questions on Harry Potter:

U.S. Version: Do the Harry Potter books promote an interest in witchcraft?

International Version: Do you think the Harry Potter books encourage an interest in literature among young people?

More proof Jonathan Klein is steering CNN's newscasts to the right to attract viewers away from Fox News.

Come on, Progressives! Do you think we even discuss witchcraft amongst ourselves when the subject of Harry Potter comes up in conversation? Well, the dumbshits at Conservative News Network seem to think that, and I find that insulting to our intelligence.

The funny part about this whole thing is about two hours after I started a thread on this subject in the Media forum at the Randi Rhodes Message Board, the U.S. poll question was changed to match the same one conducted on the International web site. I'm not taking credit for it, but I'm willing to bet someone in Atlanta got quite a bit of complaints on this.

Stupid mainstream media. They'll never learn.


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