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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Call To Action: Help Run Their Ad!

I received this email from Paul Rieckoff at They need your donations in support of their new ad campaign and are seeking to raise $95,000 by Friday so they can run a full-page ad in The Washington Post in the near future. Click Here to read the full text of the ad.

Dear OpTruth Supporter,

Time is short, so I'll be blunt: Our Troops need your help now. This week, the President and Congress are faced with a choice to stand either with or against our Veterans. The Bush Administration recently admitted that they miscalculated the health care costs for Veterans of the War on Terror by at least $1 billion this year and $3 billion next year. That means four-out-of-five returning Veterans could be turned away from care at the V.A.

Well now there's something you can do about it! This week, you can make a difference by donating in support of our new ad campaign.

We're hoping to run this ad as soon as possible in The Washington Post -- putting it squarely in front of the D.C. policy makers.

This ad calls on President Bush, in no uncertain terms, to provide the leadership needed to ensure that America's promise to Support the Troops isn't broken. It also demands that Congress pass the Senate's version of an emergency spending bill to cover this year's $1-billion shortfall, and next year's $3-billion budget gap.

So please, support our ad by clicking here.

$12,000 will buy one, quarter-page ad in The Washington Post on an unspecified day. For $25,000, we get to pick a date when the ad is guaranteed to run, and given the timely nature of this issue, that could be crucial. But our goal is really to raise enough by Friday to run the ad as a full page this week: $95,000.

So please, send this email to your friends and family, and urge them to support the Troops and fund our Veterans' health care system.

Paul Rieckhoff, OIF Veteran
Executive Director


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