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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mainstream Media Stupidity - MSNBC Style

Monica Crowley make a blog entry this afternoon on the Connected: Coast to Coast web page regarding the sandal scandal that took place at the White House last week. It seems Miss Manners was offended because members of the Northwestern Wildcats Women's Lacrosse team showed up at the White House wearing dresses, skirts with sandals.

Like most conservatives, Monica was blinded by her anger and focused her attention on the fact that these young ladies were not properly attired for a day with the President. But liberals and progressives know when some actions do have hidden messages in them, and this was no exception.

Monica, the joke's on you.

Many people who discussed this in chat rooms and on message boards believe the women who wore the sandals had a message for the President, and it could be heard every time they took a graceful step on the White House grounds.

Flip, flop. Flip, flop. Flip, flop. Flip, flop.

I love intelligent women!


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