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Monday, July 18, 2005

Big Brass Alliance Update

The following is the text from an email I received late Sunday night from Melissa at BBA. Please review the contents and feel free to pass this information along to your friends and family.

Hi, everyone.
First of all, some of my emails to you and your emails to me may not have been getting through, due to the block on the URL that was instituted by Comcast's contracted filter controller, Bright Mail. See here:

The block has reportedly been fixed now, so hopefully no more shenanigans.

Secondly, Matt Cooper is talking about his grand jury testimony. This should be our big push tomorrow, and although I'm not seeing much discussion of this particular aspect yet, my post focuses on the fact that Karl Rove noted to Cooper that the information he was giving him would "be declassifed soon," which seems by any reasonable interpretation to indicate that he was giving it to him knowing it was classifed at the time. More here:

Also, Frank Rich has a great column in the NY Times that explains how the Plame stuff is really all about Iraq.
He doesn't explicitly mention the Downing Street Memos, but it's a good source to start a post wherein everything can be tied together. A pattern of behavior...

Finally, next Saturday, July 23rd, is DSM Day. There are events going on around the country, about which you can find out more by going here:
/event/distributedEventSearch.jsp?distributed_event_KEY=56 is looking for bloggers to liveblog the events. If you are able to do so, please contact co-founder David Swanson at Send him your name, blog title, email, phone number (if you feel comfortable sending it), and he'll get in contact with you to give you log-in information so you can liveblog at

Also, if there are no events in your area, there's still time to organize and register an event. You can sign up to host an event here:

Resources for events are here:

As always, please email me with comments, questions, etc., submit your stories to the BBA main page, and send your posts to The Heretik for inclusion in the blogswarm round-up.

Best regards,


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