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Sunday, July 17, 2005

SOS's Take On Mexican Backlash in Ohio

Taken from our favorite nutjobs at the Save Our State message boards. Check out the mentality of these fuckers. They say they're anti-immigration? More like anti-Mexican to me, vato!

And you wonder why I make fun of people's ignorance...


Literally. While I do deplore violence, notice that the invaders are thinking of moving away. While violence is distasteful, it does work.

I wish the good Americans of Ohio much luck in cleaning up the streets. In California kids are killed and raped every day, with a ho hum, it's the culture.
Ohioans know how to take care of business.
Mexicans are invaders? The last thing they invaded was the Alamo...and they kicked your ass there, too!

Cat Patrol
Kathy, I was born and raised in Akron Ohio, and believe me, I didn't know any Hispanics there while I was growing up. I went back to Akron last year to visit relatives, and my old neighborhood has quite a few Mexicans now. They even have day laborers there, hanging outside of Home Depot.

Almost looks like something from southern California, doesn't it?
What is it with this fascination with Home Depot? Because they support the gay community? Because migrant laborers can be found there? Because you hate Tony Stewart?

I think you don't actually deplore this but deep inside you're quite comfortable with the KKK running around causing terror.

Well, are you?

Violence never works.
I was about to ask that same question, calicool.

Cat Patrol
What "KKK" are you talking about? There is no more organized KKK in this country. The KKK hasn't been a factor in any sense since the 1960s, and in reality since the 1920s.

If you want to look at racist terror groups, look at the Crips, the Bloods, or La Raza.
So who organizes the cross burnings, the marches, and rear bumper body draggings in the South, the Boy Scouts? The Crips, the Bloods, and La Raza as terrorist organizations? Who do they terrorize outside of their neighborhoods? Ignorance at it's finest.

KKK? ....Oh! because of the white sheets?
Hey, it's the 21st century. White sheets are no longer required to be a bigot.

Cat Patrol
You know what? I 'm getting tired of the KKK getting brought up any time Whites want to defend themselves.

In the first place, there aint no more KKK, in the sense that they can change things. The KKK has been so marginalized and demonized, that they have absolutely no power. The KKK has become straw man argument, in the sense that anyone who wants to go against Whites now have a convenient straw man to kick around
"What? You don't like illegal immigration? Then you must be a member of the KKK!"
You know what? I'm getting tired of you playing the race card for everything that's wrong with America. What? You don't like illegal immigration? You must not be profiting from it and you're insanely jealous.

I believe he was referring to the combination of white hoods and violence.

I think there are some elements left og the KKK, even around here; but they have been decimated as a public entity by lawsuits and other pressures. They seem to operate in a more muted fashion, and other different names.
White Aryan Resistance? The Minutemen Project?

Conflicts are defined by the extremes on either side. One one side, is mecha, on the other is the KKK (now defunct but let's use them anyway). Those in the middle are eventually pushed to one side or other in varying degrees. So you question really is, would I rather the KKK was running things or mecha? Am I more comfortable with KKK running around causing terror, or mecha running around causing terror?

Rather silly question isn't it? On the other hand, it does show that you have an awareness that individuals are being forced to choose up sides. You just don't like one of the sides.

To the contrary, violence ALWAYS works. You simply need the proper amount of violence. The proper amount of violence is ALWAYS more violence than your opponent.

Violence won WWII. Violence got the Palestinians more concessions they would have hoped for. Violence got a supermarket built in Watts after the 1992 riots. Of course it didn't last more than a few months. It was robbed into closing within six months after it opened.

Now violence is causing the invader in Ohio to withdraw.

You know what they say.... Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.
The KKK is defunct? Somehow they have a web site and they're selling t-shirts letting everyone know they're still around. Look here!

Violence solves all of our problems? So how come it's not working in Iraq, you dumbfuck? How come we don't feel safer taking public transit? Knowing you, you probably wouldn't mind an explosive going off at the Baldwin Park Metrolink station becaue that would take care of removing your artwork, right?

As your chickenhawk leader once crowed, "Mission Accomplished!"

I had an interesting conversation with some "Moonies" the other week. They tried to convert me and get me to go to one of their meetings but I told them I'm a baptised Christian. One was a naturalized philipina and the other was a jewish lady from europe, she didn't state where.
The subject of the war came up and they both stated that "war is never the answer, nothing positive can come from it." They were both pacifists and were against all forms of war.
Really? I replied. I asked both of them if the revolutionary war that established this country was "worth it". Of course they supported America and it's freedoms but didn't answer the question.
I then asked about the civil war that kept the country together and ended slavery was "worth it"? No answer.
Well how about WWII? The war that ended nazism in europe, and saved the jews from the holocaust. I looked directly at the jewish lady, she could only look away. I was shocked.
I guess some people are so cowed by political correctness that they won't even consider just protecting themselves for ANY reason.

Not me.
So when did violence become a Christian value? I must have missed that in my Bible readings.

Violence works. Definitely! How do you think the US was established? If you're not willing to take up arms in defense of your loved ones, your family, your friends, and your nation, how do you expect to win?

The KKK are amateurs and their antics are potentially counter-productive. What is needed is something more sophisticated, subtle, professional, serious.
Like what? Care to tell us? I'm sure the FBI would be interested to know what your idea is. And who are we defending our loved ones against, anyway?

lance sjogren
As to the pacifists.

Some people are too simple minded to see things in anything but black and white.

And are most comfortable with a philosophy that is simple and covers everything.

Pacifism is one.

Tolerance for illegal immigration is another.

People who harbor such views think they are being compassionate, while in actuality the long term consequences if their views were to prevail would be a society in which cruelty would be the norm.
Violence is black and white, you fucking retard! Your either fight or cower in fear. Oh yeah, do you have any proof that cruelty would be the norm if pacifism and tolerance prevailed? Or is this another one of those bullshit Republican talking points based on what flies out of your ass instead of cold, hard facts?

Click here to see the thread, including William's burning Mexican flag avatar.


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