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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mexican Backlash In Ohio

Dan Sewell of the Associated Press reported in Yahoo! News yesterday that citizens of Hamilton, Ohio have been attacking Mexicans living in the city since a Hispanic man was accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl. One spray-painting and a house burning later, the man has fled the city.

And this isn't an isolated incident, either.

This is the kind of article that makes me sick. Shit, if these bastards wanted to harrass, beat up, and intimidate Mexicans they'd be right at home in Campo, California "guarding" the Mexican border.

I hear the Minutemen could use a few more men with machetes, crossbows and lawn chairs...

Rape Spurs Anti-Hispanic Backlash in Ohio

By DAN SEWELL, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jul 16, 5:01 PM ET

HAMILTON, Ohio - It started with the spray-painted, misspelled "Rapest" on the house of a Hispanic man accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old white girl. Then the house went up in flames in a suspected arson.

Confrontations, name-calling and threats against Hispanics followed. Men roamed the streets wearing pillowcases with eye holes, and Ku Klux Klansmen in hoods and robes showed up to pass out pamphlets. There were rumors of assaults and beatings.

Now this small Ohio river city's booming Hispanic population is cowed, the streets in their neighborhoods nearly deserted.

Outside the office of the Living Water Ministry, which two months ago drew hundreds of people to its first Cinco de Mayo festival, there is still a smell of charred wood from the June 21 fire that gutted the house next door and caused damage to the outside of the ministry's office.

"Before, the street would be covered with people, people out all over the place," said Sasha Amen, community outreach coordinator for Living Water. "There's a lot of fear now. People are shutting themselves in their homes."


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