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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Minutemen Leave After ONE Day

Let me pinch myself. Okay, I'm convinced this really happened!

Those of you who live outside of Southern California have to understand we don't care for the Minutemen Militia. Even though I didn't have anything more than a hunch to go on (just like those Republican talking points we hear about all the time on message boards), I believed that there would be problems for the Minutemen if they patrolled the border in San Diego County.

Can I say it? Please? I told you so!

Minutemen Leave After Clash With Protesters

SAN DIEGO - They said they were going to protect the borders for the next three weeks, but after only one night in San Diego County, the minutemen have apparently thrown in the towel, NBC 7/39 reported.

On Saturday six volunteer spotters, some of them carrying guns, took positions along the U.S.-Mexico border ready to report illegal immigrants crossing into San Diego County.

However, on Sunday, the group calling themselves California Minutemen were nowhere to be found. Why they left remains unclear, but protestors who also showed up Saturday may have had something to do with it. Protestors and the volunteer spotters clashed in a war of words, NBC 7/39 reported. "The main thing is to persuade them to go home and let somebody else do the job that they're supposed to, and our people were very successful in that," a protester said. The protestors claim they've won this round and they say they plan to stay at the border all week, fighting for immigrant rights.



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